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Assassin for hire by Tallowwood Assassin for hire :icontallowwood:Tallowwood 2 2 Scene from 'Crime' by The-Wolf69 by Tallowwood
Mature content
Scene from 'Crime' by The-Wolf69 :icontallowwood:Tallowwood 1 2
main character for crime 2 by Tallowwood main character for crime 2 :icontallowwood:Tallowwood 3 2
First Group Case
So, I'm finally going to involve my Officers in a case. An art thief has been reported to the DAPF and I've determined that the original artists of all the photos need to be found and notified, so they can each fill out their own DMCA Takedown Notice. However, it's a sum of work trying to find all the originals on my own.
There's altogether 27 stolen works. However, over all three of their accounts, there are some repeats, and we know a good portion of the original artists. If a few Officers could take 1 piece to find the original, it would get done extremely quick. I will also accept the help of other members who wish to help.
Links to every stolen work:
:icondapf-da-police-force:DAPF-dA-Police-Force 4 9
Shadow Charizard TF Suit by Avianine Shadow Charizard TF Suit :iconavianine:Avianine 51 14
Angels And Demons Police Force - Chapter 1
Rahmiel was not a physically fit angel. He just did not have the endurance to commit to the exercise regime that was now expected if he wanted to keep his job at the factory. If only he could have landed a managerial job he would not be in this situation.
The last words of his late mother echoed through his head, ‘Mindless manual labour is unworthy of a Malachai. I will not have my only son lowering himself to the level of demons.’ If he thought he might have escaped her ‘words of wisdom’, he was disappointed when his wife took up the mantle after the honeymoon period.
He could have at least prided himself in his gentle nature; he did not hate demons. He felt that for some reason he should, but just couldn’t find it in himself. That is, until 10 minutes ago when he found himself standing over a dead demon holding a bloody wrench. Though he could not recall how he got there.
Now he found himself with a stitch hurtling headlong down a crowded alley between t
:iconnitro-burner91:nitro-burner91 2 2



Viktor stopped as cobblestone flew into his face and Taylor screamed. One of the men had shot at Viktor’s feet “We don't want you here!” He yelled at Viktor. “Fine we will leave just give us two horses, and some food.” The man thought it over “deal” he said at last. “Really?!” Viktor looked surprised at such little resistance. “ Yeah we just want you off our land”
Viktor and Taylor had traveled all through the night and had reached the first wall by morning. Once they had gotten inside, they got new ODM gear, a few weapons, and new swords. While there they heard that they're daughter was being put on trial for not being human. He knew it was his fault but he strangely felt no emotion, none except for Taylor but he had enough sense to fix his mistakes. So he and Taylor headed towards the inner city because even if Tera was in a weakened state she was still dangerous to everyone around her. By the time Viktor and Taylor who had changed into her dress uniform on the way, had reached the courthouse but it was jam-packed with people who wanted a glimpse of Tera and Eren the Titan Shifters. This was no problem all Viktor had to do was flash his rank around and the sea of people parted so they could get through. They sat with the rest of the garrison officers, who were giving Viktor suspicious looks. None of them had seen these two strangers before, finally a Colonel got up and walked over to Viktor and Taylor “ Hello I don't think I've ever seen you here before” he said this cheerfully but with a guarded tone. Viktor’s face remained blank as he stands up and salutes his superior officer “Sir, we just um.. transferred here from the 143 garrison regiment.” The Colonel seemed to believe him “so state your name and rank soldiers” he finally said “ Major Viktor Wolf, of the 143 regiment, Sir!” “ Captain Taylor Hart, of the 143 regiment, Sir!” they both rattled off. At this moment the Judges came in “ok you two sit down and pray that the Military Police don't get their way.” They all sat sat down and watched the beginning of the trial, they hauled in two people and chained them to the post in the center of the room. One was Tera, the second was some brunet boy Viktor had never seen before at this point Tera yelled “Mom?!? Dad?!? I thought you were dead!” the judge looked at Viktor and Taylor “Platoon commander Wolf, Squad-leader Hart, do you know this girl?” He asked Viktor nodded his eyes looked like they were practically on fire. “She has spoken out of line at her own trial” Viktor thought furiously.“Yes sir, She is my daughter, her name is Tera Hayden Wolf” as he said that he looked at Tera, her eyes were glowing gold. Viktor got even madder when Levi came out and started beating on Tera. “Enough!” Viktor shouted,but when he didn't stop kicking her he started pulling out his pistol, Taylor put her hand on his and said “Don't make it worse for her” so Viktor put his revolver back in its holster. After the judge delivered his verdict he said “Wolf and Hart I want a word with you” Viktor and Taylor walked to the Judge’s office “So you two have shown up at the wrong time the MP are after you now, you have to tell her!”the judge said urgently to the two of them “Sir, I can't she’s not ready to know” Viktor replied “Taylor we need you to fake that you never knew about Viktor’s titan abilities” “Yes Sir” Taylor said
-Time Skip-
Before they had left the Judge gave Viktor a syringe and said “Use this on Tera, fake your death.” When they walked through the door of the room Tera was in, Tera grabbed Viktor and slammed him up against the wall Viktor’s eyes glowed soft red. "Cadet Hayden! Stand down." Erwin told her. Tera ignored him. "How long have you known!?! How long have you known that I'm a monster!? Tera asked him. "You have every right to be angry, Tera. But please don't take it out on your father." My mother said. "You're right. l am angry. I'm damned angry! How could you do this to me?!?” She yelled. "Are you a shifter as well, Dad? Tera asked him, lowering my voice only a little bit. He nodded proudly. Erwin gasped and Levi was just watching in silence as Eren… well he did Eren things. And Tera glared. "So, you did this to me, didn't you? Who did you have to kill?" I asked him. "Dr. Jaeger and Mr. Harper'' He said his face blank. Eren glared at my father. "V-viktor. You're a titan?" My mother cried. He nodded. "Yes I am. But I never used my abilities against humanity." He said. Tera glared. "Still, you didn't have to involve me or Eren in this mess! Tell me something, was Dr. Jaeger a willing participant?" Tera asked him. "Yes. I was his assistant." Viktor said. "Get this man out of my sight." Tera whispered, looking away from him. "Tera? What are you doing?" He asked. “I don’t know.” Tera whispered.
US President Donald Trump has arrived in Israel where he will visit Jerusalem and Bethlehem to seek ways to restart talks between the Palestinian Authority and the Israeli government. His visit is part of his first trip abroad as president and follows an initial stop in Saudi Arabia, where he urged Islamic leaders to focus on unity in the fight against "terrorism". The US prediedent will hold talks with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, and tour two sites in the Old City of occupied East Jerusalem. His first stop will be the Kaneesat al-Qeyaamah, or Church of the Holy Sepulchre, built at the site where Christians believe Jesus was crucified, buried and resurrected. The Western Wall visit drew controversy before Trump even left Washington, when US officials declined to say whether it belonged to Israel. West Jerusalem has been part of present-day Israel since the 1948 war, which led to creation of the state of Israel and the displacement of hundreds of thousands of Palestinians. From 1948 until 1967, Jordan controlled the West Bank. But during the June 1967 Middle East War, Israel occupied the remaining territories of historical Palestine - the West Bank, including East Jerusalem, and the Gaza Strip.  More than half-a-million Israelis live in Jewish-only settlements throughout the West Bank, including East Jerusalem, in violation of international law.  While Israel claims to have annexed East Jerusalem, the international community has not recognised that move and considers it occupied territory. The Palestinian Authority sees East Jerusalem as the capital of their future state.
Trial of 221 main suspects of July 15 coup bid begins amid heavy security and calls for death penalty.
Hearings at the trial are expected to last until June 16 [Adem Altan/AFP]Hearings at the trial are expected to last until June 16
More than 220 suspects, including over two dozen former Turkish generals, have gone on trial accused of being among the ringleaders of the attempted coup last year aimed at ousting President Recep Tayyip Erdogan. Protesters outside Turkey's largest courtroom in the Sincan district of Ankara called on Monday for the death penalty for the accused and flung rope nooses at the defendants as they were paraded into court handcuffed and held by the security forces. "We want the death penalty, we don't want them to be fed and housed here. We want these traitors to be buried without any flag," said protester Cengiz Ozturk. Turkey abolished the death penalty as part of its drive to join the European Union but Erdogan has on occasion indicated it could be reimposed to deal with the coup plotters There was heavy security in place on Monday, with a drone flying overhead and armoured security vehicles on site as well as snipers on the roof. Turkey blames the attempted July 15 putsch on the US-based Muslim cleric Fethullah Gulen, a claim he strongly denies, and has launched a relentless purge under a state of emergency against those deemed to have backed the plot.

Gulen is among 12 of the 221 suspects in the current trial who remain at large, with the remainder appearing in court for the first time inside a prison complex in Sincan. Twenty-six generals are among those charged, including former air force chief Akin Ozturk and Mehmet Disli, the brother of senior ruling party lawmaker Saban Disli. Also on trial is colonel Ali Yazici, Erdogan's former military aide, and Lieutenant Colonel Levent Turkkan, who was the aide of Chief of Staff General Hulusi Akar. The charges against them include "violating the constitution", "using coercion and violence in an attempt to overthrow" the parliament and the Turkish government, "martyring 250 citizens" and "attempting to kill 2,735 citizens", Hurriyet daily reported on Sunday. The attempted putsch left 248 people dead, according to the Turkish presidency, not including 24 coup-plotters killed on the night.
Fourteen years later the crystal broke open, Viktor and Taylor spilled out and neither of them knew how long they had been that way. “Viktor?” Taylor asked “What is it Taylor?” Viktor responded as he started to cleaned off his dress uniform “I'm worried about Tera, what if we have been frozen for years! We wouldn't know we would not have aged while in that crystal.” Without looking up Viktor said “She probably doesn't even remember us, it's probably better that way.” “What do you mean Viktor?! How can it be better?!” Viktor looked at her with his dark red eyes, This sent a chill down Taylor’s spine. “The military police were getting to interested in my research, if I ever go back I'll be wanted” Viktor told her, With that he striped out of his combat fatigues and changed into his dress uniform. “Do I look like a respectable Major?” Viktor asked looking at all of his medals, “You look handsome” Taylor replied smiling. They got up and grab the small saddle pack that Taylor had been carrying when she was frozen, it was made for an occasion like this. The pack contains two canteens of water, rations, Viktor’s glisenti model 1910 and some extra rounds for it, Taylor and Viktor’s dress uniform, and a first aid kit. Taylor also had her M1A1 with her when she was frozen. They set off for the nearest town they had passed through before they were frozen.
When they got to the town they were exhausted, even as a military official people were wary of them and had offered no help. They had a right to be wary, the military barely sends people out here anymore especially someone high ranking. Some kids were playing in the street when they had arrived, but had run away to tell their parents about the two strangers in military dress. When Viktor and Taylor reached the center of town they were surprised to find at least ten townsfolk pointing rifles at them. One of them stepped forward and shouted “You! the one that is called a Major drop your weapons or we will kill you!” Viktor a little taken aback by the rudeness yelled back “Why should I, when I have done nothing wrong!” The stranger looked at Viktor with hatred “You did nothing wrong! NOTHING WRONG!” Viktor’s hand went to his holster and he felt the grip of his gun. “The last time soldiers came through our town a titan hord was right behind them!” At this point Viktor had understood it had been his platoon. “All of that had happened fourteen years ago but I can still hear them” Viktor and Taylor looked up at him, Taylor had tears running down her cheeks and she shouted at the line of gun men “You're lying! It can't have been fourteen years it's not possible!” It was the stranger’s turn to look confused but that confusion soon turned to anger. “Shut up! “ he shouted “you don't get to insult me, while you hide behind your walls eating well. We die out here!” The square was silent except for the sounds of wind. Viktor looked straight at the man and said “You have know idea what we have lost”. The stranger shouted “What have you lost? As senior officers you should have everything you could want!” Taylor continued to stare at them but Viktor started to walk towards the line “ We lost our daughter fourteen years ago” he said continuing to walk towards them. The stranger yelled at him to stop, but he continued to walk forwards. “STOP!!” then a gun went off.

They look longer on an iPad
Viktor is a titan shifter his form is an 19 meter armored titan with deep red glowing from his eyes. He is married to Taylor Hart who he had known her since middle school, together they had a daughter who they named Tera Hayden Wolf. He and Taylor were called way on a business trip while Tera was still young, so they left her with Armin’ grandfather to take care of her. Before they left Viktor left a key for Tera with the elder saying “Make sure she knows “ and turns to disappear into the night, Tera didn't see them again for 14 years. A few days after they left Viktor and Taylor and their platoon were attacked by a titan hord, the platoon fought valiantly guns blazing. Most of the troops were using their M1A1 carbines to shoot out the eyes of the titans but Viktor unhooked his Boys anti-tank rifle off his horse saddle and used his ODM gear to get up in a tree from there he aimed it at the nearest titan’s neck and fired, the recoil on this gun was amazing. The shot pierced its neck with ease and went straight through the nape killing it. Viktor’s victory was short lived as he was knocked out of the tree by another titan. Viktor knew it was time to use his secret, even if he hated to so he slammed his finger down onto a spike that was concealed in his ring. It hurt but only for a second, in less than a millisecond a 19 meter armored titan stood in his place, it’s eyes glowing a deep red color. He turned towards the nearest titan and let out a bone chilling screech, he hated the titans they were killing his men and were endangering his wife. He charged at the titan grabbing it around the neck and squeezed crushing the nape, he killed anything that was around him except his team. But soon he became overrun they had strength in numbers so he did the only other thing he could he grabbed his wife in one hand being careful not to hurt her and held her close to his nape. His titan body began to deteriorate and a crystal formed around Viktor and Taylor.

Sorry this was so short but I felt I had to do something other than the news
AOT Fight for Humanity: Prologue
We do use WW2 weapons in this story 


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